How To Add Architectural Character

Give your home the charm it craves with these eye-catching updates for ceilings, walls, doors, floors, and more.
Here are 8 Ways to Add Architectural Character (When Your Home Has None)


Distinctive Lighting


Distinctive lighting is a key element of many room makeovers. Make a dynamic light fixture more dramatic with a glamorous ceiling medallion. These easy-to-install features are a stunning, effective way to lend prominence to chandeliers and pendants around the house.


Rustic Beams

Take advantage of extra vertical height afforded by vaulted ceilings by capturing the look of hand-hewn barn beams. These dark-stained wood beams lend a modern-rustic touch to a neutral kitchen, setting the stage for minimalist, sun-soaked decor.

Beaded Board

Impart a clean cottage look with beaded board. In this small neutral bath, beaded board brings pleasing texture to white walls. If you’re using beaded board in a bath or high-humidity setting, consider imitation products made of durable materials like fiberboard.


Embellished Cabinet Fronts

Roll up your sleeves and upgrade kitchen cabinets in a big way with molding. This treatment works for both wood and laminate cabinets, but the secret to a convincing look  is to make molding appear integrated. You can use either basic or decorative molding to create your desired style. If a DIY molding project isn’t for you but you want to give cabinets fresh appeal, consider refacing them


Framed Fireplace

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter fireplace. Trade it out for a head-turning design that reflects your personality. Easy-to-install tiles achieve the beauty of dry-stacked natural stone for a fraction of the cost and weight of the real deal.


Faux Stairwell Paneling

Turn a flavorless flight of stairs into a look-at-me feature. A surprisingly simple DIY faux paneling project transformed this easy-to-overlook space into a showstopper. Use the power of paint to give stair treads and railing a fresh face, and you’ll have an upscale look on a dime.


Interior Doors

Spice up transitions between rooms with beautiful interior doors. Today’s wide range of colors, shapes, and styles offers versatility within every decor style. This conversation-worthy sliding barn door with frosted glass obscures walk-in pantry contents while keeping the area bright and accessible.

Picture Rail

Unadorned walls are a blank canvas. Look for opportunities to add architectural character with molding.

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