Why we surround ourselves with a dynamite team:

We here at JNT Property solutions truly value the professional partners we are lucky enough to call our team. They are one of the big reasons that we remain successful in business.

We are fully aware that we are not experts in everything. You will not find us changing out galvanized pipes or hanging kitchen cabinets! This is why we partner with trusted professionals to help us bring a project together successfully.

What we are good at is analyzing a deal and finding creative, win-win situations for sellers. This is why, right from the start of a project, we consult our experts in their field.

Ideally, these strategic meetings take place while a property is under contract. It is a second, third, fourth set of eyes on a project to make sure we did not miss something big.

This allows us to be extremely thorough so that everyone from our Private Money Lenders to our partners feel secure in their investment.

Check us out in action:

Our team was improvising to figure out how to get eyes on the attic space with limited items at our disposal. We found a bucket to stand on but watch what we find at the end of the video!

We are so lucky to be able to surround ourselves with creative people who laugh with us! What do you think of our ingenuity?

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