6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Cheerful

6 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Cheerful

With these tips you will definitely make major changes to your kitchen without major renovations. Check them out!

  • Bring on the color. For a fun and flexible use of color, opt for open shelving to store and display dishes of all colors.

  • Adjust the lighting accordingly. Instead of one central ceiling fixture, opt for a series of pendants over areas like an island or eat-in table, and track lighting that can be directed at different work areas.

  • Go for some greenery. If you aren’t totally confident in your green thumb abilities, start with a few low-maintenance plants, like bamboo, a ZZ plant, or cacti.


  • Get rid of clutter. Use drawer dividers to keep utensils and small accessories in their place.

  • Lay down a lively rug. 

  • Add warmth through finishes. Chrome and stainless steel are popular choices for kitchen fixtures and cabinet pulls, but they give off a cooler, more clinical look. Instead, warmer materials like brass and leather will contribute to a cheery vibe.

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